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Sustainable Building Solutions ~ building green

At Sustainable Building Solutions, we believe the “greenest” thing you can do for any commercial or residential building is reduce its dependency on non-renewable resources and improve its indoor air quality. We strive to do this by offering a proven list of products and services that provide a healthier, more comfortable structure that costs less to operate and has a smaller environmental footprint. We offer affordable solutions for homeowners and business owners alike.
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Durham, N.C. (January 21, 2009) – By making specific hires to fit targeted niches, expanding its services and opening a new Triad operations, Sustainable Building Solutions transforms itself into a one-stop shop for improved energy efficiency.

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Town Hall
Sustainable Tightens Up the Hillsborough Town Hall

Sustainable Building Solutions updated the town's historic Big Barn and its surrounding buildings, using air and duct sealing, replacing windows with advanced energy panels and improving the overall envelope of the building's structure. The project helped the Town of Hillsborough lower energy costs and improved the life of this structure that is an integral part of the town's history and civic life.

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Town Hall


Soy Seal - insulation

Soy Seal:

Spray polyurethane foam insulation is an incredible breakthrough in insulation for our homes, but one of the downsides is the requirement for a certified dealer and installer.
However, BioBased Insulation has recently introduced a soy based natural sealer that is based on the same technology - in a can.

Soy Seal bio-based insulating foam sealant is spray applied and expands to:
· Seal leaks
· Save energy
· Stop moisture
· Increase comfort
· Decrease carbon emissions
· Reduce heating & cooling costs-naturally

Soy Seal for Gaps & Cracks can be used to seal around pipe penetrations, floor vents and more. Soy Seal for Windows & Doors is specially formulated to repel water, and it won't bow windows or doors.
Made from renewable, natural oils, Soy Seal exceeds the USDA bio- based standards and meets the stringent indoor air quality certification, GREENGUARD for Children and Schools.

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Design Forward is a residential design firm promoting the use of Sustainable and Green Building, Straw Bale Construction, Renewable Energy, and Recycled Products.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

House Kits > wall panels

YouTube video:

Another house building system:

2 men 3 days to finish, comes complete in a kit, 925 sq. feet $15,500.00 USD complete except the foundation.

GREEN BUILDING you can AFFORD! kit house KOKOON construction

Kokoon Homes
386 Jordan Rd
Toccoa, GA 30577
Kokoon Green Kit Homes - Houses you can build yourself!

YouTube video & description: posted by:
March 09, 2008

How to building GREEN building your own home even if you don't know how with our Patent pending kit house components. Ultimate "green" house.
2-8 people can dry-in a 1200 sq ft house in 2-3 days!
Affordable green building that you can DIY. Green buildings are within YOUR reach! Construction with power driver and saw - build your own green house.

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Traduction: Otro sistema de la construcción de viviendas: 2 hombres 3 días a acabar, vienen completo en un kit, $15.500.00 USD terminan excepto la fundación.

¡EDIFICIO VERDE que usted puede PERMITIRSE! construcción de la casa KOKOON del kit