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ELECTROPANEL for wall construction in Guatemala

Area, arquitectura

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Diseno, Planificacion, Construccion, Decoracion y Asesoria

Area, arquitectura echeverria aguilar

Es una empresa dedicada al Diseno, Planificacion, Construccion, Decoracion y Asesoria de proyectos en la Republica de Guatemala, teniendo sus oficinas centrales en la Ciudad de La Antigua Guatemala, por lo que tambien nos especializamos en el desarrollo de proyectos de Restauracion de Edificaciones Historicas en el lugar, asi­ como a desarrollos urbanos en el area, teniendo especial cuidado de las caracteristicas que han hecho de la Ciudad Patrimonio Cultural a nivel Mundial.

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Design Forward: Building Modular Homes

Design Forward Newsletter January 2009, vol. 70

Building Modular Homes

Brief synopsis taken from Seminar from Dr. Nabil Taha, structural engineer:

Many believe that lower cost is the main reason to build modular, but surprisingly, lower cost is only a secondary consideration.

1. Superior Quality is the main reason
2. followed by Quicker Building Time,
3. then Fixed Costs.

Five good reasons to build a modular home:

* Modular homes are built from the best quality lumber and are protected in a factory controlled environment. (in contract, on-site houses are typically built from average quality lumber and are open to rain and/or snow during construction, which can cause wood to warp or swell leading to a lifetime of structural and mold problems.)
* Factories offer skilled craftsmen steady employment and benefits, resulting in a consistent skilled labor force. You will have no worries about delays relating to inexperienced or tardy laborers
* With additional insulation and precision craftsmanship, modular homes can be significantly more energy efficient. Your utility bills can be far cheaper than your neighbors and save you more money in years to come.
* Factory inspections cover every construction detail of a modular home, which are built to the strictest codes (IBC and IRC).
* Faster use. You can choose a brand new inventory home that is already built and move in on your land in a matter of weeks.

Additional benefits from building modular:

* Faster Loan approvals
* Less costly design and engineering
* Guaranteed price
* Potentially better return on investment

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