Friday, January 27, 2012

Livraria Lello ~ Library / Bookstore in Porto-Portugal

We could do a lot of this kind of decoration, wood carving and design in the new Design Studio here in Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. We can also draw from the incredible Mayan artistic designs, paintings and carvings, along with my beloved Medieval architecture and design. We could make a large ceiling light in stained glass even though we don't have a skylight area. In fact, we could paint directly onto the plastic roof panels used now for skylights. So many wonderful ideas here!

See "Lello Bookstore" folder with more screen shots from the video. Here's a few of my favorites:

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Archways and Ceilings ~ Groin Vault / Cross Vault

Groin Vault / Cross Vault 10x10 ft $830

Groin Vault / Cross Vault 6x6 ft $404


Email response to find the estimating link:

You have to go further in the web-site by either clicking on the "Archways Made Easy" or the "Ceilings Made Easy" on the top bar.  Then you select the specific type of arch or ceiling you are interested in.

Jim Scott
Archways and Ceilings
"Since 1988"


Worked! Excellent prices and easy installation. 3 to 5 days delivery. Can't wait to try it!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

How to build a Dome Ceiling - in 8 minutes and 20 seconds

How to build a Dome Ceiling is a video illustrating how easy and quickly an Archwayandceilings product installs. The video was shot at a local jobsite and was not edited. The dome took 8 minutes and 20 seconds to install. Now, that's fast!

Comment: How to finish the dome?
"You can do it with mesh and plaster... the easier way in my opinion is to use 1/4" flexible drywall and cut into pie pieces and simply press / screw them into place. I will have "how to" drywall videos up by the end of the month to show this method. Also, I will post a picture gallery tomorrow to illustrate this method as well."

Archway & Ceiling Kits | Groin Vault | Dome Ceiling | Barrel Vault ...

Archways & Ceilings- affordable, quick and easy to install (DIY Friendly). The leader in curved framing since 1988. Over one million archways and ceiling kits ...


A Customer Review With Archways & Ceilings Made Easy



Friday, January 13, 2012

Aluminum Puzzle Lamp

Dying to try this gorgous lamp, apparently made with just one pattern and strips of aluminum:

Excerpt from:

"On a related site (related to the IQ light site: I found some more cool lamps. The one below is famous, not that I knew that. It’s called “Turbo” and was designed by Louis Weisdorf (there’s no wiki on him!) in 1965.

Here’s another photo of it. Apparently you can still buy these for a mere £499.00 (36″) or £852.00 (62″). Ouch.

It is described as:
TURBO is built by 12 identical white-sprayed spiral shaped [aluminum] segments whose exterior follow the face of a globe. The inner part of the TURBO light does not blind and the bulb is completely screened.
This lamp should be really easy -heh- since it’s made with only one pattern piece. Anyone care to sketch it out for us?"

DESIGNER CEILING LAMP SHADE, Puzzle Lamps, Paper lamps

History of the Puzzle Lamp, from IQ

Holger Strøm started taking an interest in the rhombic polyhedrons in the early 1970s while he was employed by the Kilkenny Design Workshops, Ireland.

As a packaging designer he used cardboard and paper for his experiments in search of the polygon best suited as an element for building lampshades. 

The rhombus was chosen as the basic element, and the rhombic triacontahedron as the geometric model for the construction.

Assembly needed to be as simple as possible, and after several experiments a hook was placed in each corner of the rhombus, the hooks being connected in pairs by a soft curve. Regardless of whether three, four, or five elements meet, the corners form decorative circles.


Also called "Puzzle Lamps"

 Here is a simplistic illustration showing the concept of construction using just the one pattern interlocking pattern piece (a discussion of the lamp shade geometry is here).

Below are two photos of lamps made by people over at Craftster. I think these are very striking. There’s no reason you couldn’t make some yourself. I think they’d look good in oaktag. I’ve made smaller lights (rather like luminarias) out of that before and they came out very nice.

(Note: I want to make the star shape, but haven't found instructions yet for this one!) 



From IQ

 Source: IQ


Designer Lamps Video:

Uploaded by on Feb 5, 2011
Self assemble

COLOR ------------- WHITE
DESIGNER LAMP SHADES is fabulous for occasions like weddings and parties as it creates a unique and beautiful ambiance in any room or space.
LAMP SHADES will definitely make a
wonderful Christmas / Birthday / New Home-Owner
present and is also suitable for anyone who is up to a mind / Instead of using LAMPSHADES just as room / ceiling lightning's/ and light Pillar,
it could also be used as floor lamps, wall, .corner & ceiling mountings,
Shapes can be customized as per requirements and designs.

Let the lights reflect your mood. Choose the colors you feel.
Light up your party deck, dress up your shop, and romance your bedroom.
With our premium quality material you can bend and twist to your desire, be it round oval, least many different shades.
Lamps are made of a white plastic - so just change the color globe for a completely different effect.

Facebook: IQ Designer Lamp Shades


How to make a Ball with 30 elements:


Where to buy: Here's one place:, puzzlelamp (at) 

I want to buy sheets. I know it's available somewhere in Guatemala City, but I'm not sure where. USA?

Source on; Buy on; Get Accurate Quotes from suppliers Post an RFQ now>>. View as: Product ... translucent polycarbonate plastic sheeting(China (Mainland)) ..... Translucent PC lamp cover(China (Mainland)) ...
Of course, someone is selling them under the IKEA name:
Pendant Ceiling Lampshade IKEA Light Cord ZE Light INV 


These look like they are made out of paper: (Instructions in Spanish!)

Esfera de papel (Parte 1 de 5) = Sphere of paper (Part 1 of 5) 

Mostramos el procedimiento de construcción de una esfera de papel a partir de 30 piezas iguales distribuidas en cinco niveles de 5, 5, 10, 5 y 5 piezas. Más detalles sobre la construcción en el siguiente enlace:

= We show the construction method of a sphere of paper from 30 equal pieces spread over five levels of 5, 5, 10, 5 and 5 pieces. More details on the construction on the



How to put the lamp inside:  (
     Another interesting design, that might work on a low ceiling "flush mount"

Source: IQ Designer Lamp Shades on Facebook, under "Profile Pictures"

Home Decor · Phagwara, email

From Craftster:

« on: March 03, 2008 06:55:55 PM »

So, has everyone seen the IQ It's pretty awesome. BUT no self respecting craftster would pay $30 for 30 pieces of plastic, right? So I decided to make my own. I got a template from Readymade Magazine, but I modified it for two pieces on a page. You see, I just printed out the template on cardstock and cut out the shape!

Here's the template:

In order to cut out the little hooks, I used a hole punch so I didn't have to get into those tiny curves with my scissors. Made the work much easier!

My first lamp used 28 pieces:

And I'm not sure how many pieces are in my second lamp. I also am not sure how I made this!

I'm using 60w bulbs, and since the paper is not very close to the bulb I'm not really worried about fires. I'm using extension cords and added switches so that I can easily turn the lights on and off (my sockets are incredibly inconvenient).

This is a really neat project. It's amazing to see what you can make with just one shape. This would be fun to do with kids old enough to handle sharp scissors. Girl scouts maybe?

    Monday, January 9, 2012

    100sft DIY Passive Solar Innovation for Home Heating

    Note: This is an even larger solar hot water system with a square frame... can't wait to try it!

    Uploaded by on Jan 7, 2012
    This is a part of series with our home heating innovation DIY. The innovative black pipe absorber panel shall reduce the cost of home heating to a bare minimum. Our trial works for the solar heat collector and distribution system is almost complete. But this time we have increased the absorber panel size to 100 sft instead of usual 6' dia panel, which is almost approximately 4 times more.

    We shall publish other relevant details as soon as possible...but this one includes some on site modification for better performance.

    We are sure this shall help conserve energy to the extreme, truly a friendly DIY item for so many around the globe.

    This work is an elaboration of our GE ecomagination entry
    Highly illustrative Plastic Barrel solar video our latest posting

    and also follow our series on home heating innovation part 3 too

    Cut glass bottles the EASY way

    Use a glass cutter taped down in a cake pan:!

    More at: