Friday, February 21, 2014

Shelter Us Now - affordable, ecological living!

This looks like a house we could use here in Guatemala, and anyone could live in. Can't wait to find out more!

Make Our House Your Home

Do you desire a home that is easy to build, quiet, energy efficient, non-toxic, enduring and competitively priced?
  • Two by four wood stud wall framing was invented by Augustine Taylor in 1833.
  • Structural insulated panel wall framing was invented by Luther Dickens in 1975.
Comparable in price, one framing system has emerged, intact, from 250 mph typhoon, 8.0 magnitude earthquake and catastrophic fire and flood.
Which would you choose?
Two by four wood stud wall
Structural insulated metal (SIM) panel construction

Structural Insulated Metal Panel Living Environments (SIMPLE)

SIMPLE construction outperforms wood stud or steel stud stick-building. Thousands of such houses have been constructed world-wide, with no record of a house ever having been lost to natural disaster. All ShelterUS houses are constructed with SIMPLE components and are shipped from our factory to your site for assembly by a screwdriver and wrench.