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Bamboo Wainscoting, Paneling & Fencing

bamboo wainscoting
Wainscoting may be a tradition in architecture but it doesn't have to be traditional. Bamboo slats make for beautiful wainscoting that enhances interiors with unique tones and textures. Here are 7 ways you can apply bamboo slat wainscoting to add form and function to your home. Bamboo wainscoting can turn a stairway into an architecturally interesting focal... [Read more...]
The most rewarding part about being a homeowner or other property owner is making it all your own. One way to add personality and individual style to interiors is to incorporate unique architectural accents. Bamboo paneling and wall coverings, for example, can be a wonderful way to breathe life into interiors for a more dynamic and interesting design. With... [Read more...]

4 Fun Ways to Use Bamboo

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bamboo fence
Create gorgeous architectural details with a bamboo fence
Bamboo is an amazing wood to use for many reasons. It’s incredibly durable, it offers a beautiful and unique aesthetic and it’s environmentally friendly. Not only that, but bamboo is versatile as well. The following are four fun ways to use bamboo.
  1. Build a Fence – Bamboo makes for a fantastic fence. Not only is it durable, but it won’t look out of place in your landscape either due to its natural look. You can even use it to simply divide sections of your garden.
  2. Bamboo Frame – Cut a bamboo pole into four separate pieces and create a unique picture frame to hang on your wall.
  3. Bamboo Xylophone – Are you musically inclined? Or do you have children who want to play an instrument? Making your own xylophone out of bamboo is a cinch, and it produces a beautiful sound to boot.
  4. Bamboo Screen – Create a screen out of bamboo for inside your home to act as a divider in rooms where you want certain sections to have added privacy.
These are just a few fun ways that you can use bamboo in your home. Visit us at Bamboo Fencer for all of your bamboo needs.
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