Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Compost Tea for Growing BIG Vegetables / Té de compost para el cultivo de vegetales GRANDES

15 April 2015: Cristian, make this tea next week with Jose. It uses Epsom Salts (sel inglesa) and more!

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Compost Tea for Growing BIG Vegetables / Té de compost para el cultivo de vegetales GRANDES

Comment from BROTHER RAY to Andi (1 month ago, March 2015)

Compost Tea: pour on the soil around the plants

some people don't want to teach, but is so easy, all you need is:

1 part bokashi [Activated] 1 part IMO4 [Activated] 1 part MM5A [Mountain Microorganism Activated] 1 part rock dust OR Agriculture Epson Salt

1 part FFJ[Fermented Fruit Juice] 1 part FPJ[Fermented Plant Juice] 1 part EM1[Effective Microorganism Activated] 1 part Molasses  Water NO Chlorinated [Fill the Rest of the Container]
You put in a Cloth Bag all the Dry Ingredients, then put the liquid ingredients, fill the rest with water, for 250 Gal 1 lb each of Dry Material, 1 Gal each Liquid Material.

10 cc x 18 gallons of water for veggies & herbs, 1 time a week 39 cc x 18 gallons of water for fruit trees 1 time a month, 

P.S. You can get the formulas here in Youtube or Google. We use this in our farm for more than 100 years and believe me the production of everything from A to Z is fantastic, sometimes we add few more things, but this is The Main Mother Culture for everything,!

I hope this help a lot of people to get a great production! GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

Sincerely Brother Ray
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