Saturday, April 27, 2013

Design for the Other 90 Network

Design for the Other 90 Network

This is how we can start here in Guatemala. I could actually put up 3 greenhouses if we needed to on my small building lots, and maybe rent the rent of the land next to me for vegetable & flower production. I wonder if a greenhouse is really required here in Panajachel? I've seen them further south, so I assume they are worthwhile to protect the crops from storms, rain and more.

Excellent video by

This movie was made by Grow tomato hydroponically under high technology greenhouse.

Hydroponic Greenhouse for Growing Tomatoes: More at

"2x more with 2x less"


Update from Grodan:

How can we feed twice as many people in the world, with tasty, healthy and safe fresh produce - but use half of the resources we use now? These are the challenges the world faces in the coming decades. Watch the video to see examples of sustainable growing in hightech greenhouses.
Grodan: 3 x more sustainable sustainable manufacture sustainable cultivation sustainable recycling