Friday, January 13, 2012

Aluminum Puzzle Lamp

Dying to try this gorgous lamp, apparently made with just one pattern and strips of aluminum:

Excerpt from:

"On a related site (related to the IQ light site: I found some more cool lamps. The one below is famous, not that I knew that. It’s called “Turbo” and was designed by Louis Weisdorf (there’s no wiki on him!) in 1965.

Here’s another photo of it. Apparently you can still buy these for a mere £499.00 (36″) or £852.00 (62″). Ouch.

It is described as:
TURBO is built by 12 identical white-sprayed spiral shaped [aluminum] segments whose exterior follow the face of a globe. The inner part of the TURBO light does not blind and the bulb is completely screened.
This lamp should be really easy -heh- since it’s made with only one pattern piece. Anyone care to sketch it out for us?"

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