Sunday, June 6, 2010

3D Printing Demo by scorch1974

THIS IS TERRIFIC: We could collect old inkjet printers - saving them from landfills and all the problems they cause - and bring them to Guatemala where people could make things to use. People here have more time than money so this would be a real boon to everyone concerned. Some of the schools here in Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, would probably love to give this a try. Now, if someone could come up with using recyclable plastic, much of the trash and lack of landfill problems could be solved around Lake Atitlan. Wonders of Wonders. Will imagination never end?

This technique uses powder made of 50% Weldwood & 50% Water Putty.
Comment from deminisher98: "Every time it "prints" it applies a layer of water thus hardening the sand or clay or whatever and then when you make the "sand" over the newly "printed" thing, you apply another layer of sand to make it thicker... Right?" Right.

Terrific. Can't wait to try it. Hope the inventor, scorch1974, responds.

scorch1974 — June 05, 2008 — Demo of manually printing simple 3D objects using an old inkjet printer

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