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Pallet House by I Beam Design ~ Alternative Shelter

glenn6666 | October 28, 2009

The average life of a Refugee camp is 7 years, with some exceeding beyond 50 years. There is a need for an alternative shelter to the typical tent solution that can transform a temporary living condition into a permanent home.

Pallet House by I-Beam Design, was conceived as a transitional shelter for returning Refugees.

I-Beam-Design, Suzan Wines, Azin Valy, New York, NY


humanitarian projects - I-BEAM DESIGN + ARCHITECTURE
The Pallet House, by I-Beam Design, was conceived as a transitional shelter for refugees returning to Kosovo. There was a need for an alternative shelter to ...

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Featuring the Pallet House Project by I-Beam Design 2000 International Architecture Biennale, Venice Italy, Featuring I-Beam Design's proposal for the ...

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Shelter and Beyond Exhibition featuring I-Beam Design's “Pallet House” solution for transitional refugee housing on display at the Boston Architectural ...

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Pallet House Designs by Architects I-Beam
November 16, 2009 Category: House Design

Building pallet house designs

These pallet houses were designed as temporary homes for refugees, that a combined structure for a refugee house would have included a shipping container for all the essential service utility functions, surrounded by the pallet structure. Eco Architecture Pallet House Created by the architecture firm I-Beam.
Information about the Pallet House Design / Refugee Housing comes to 57th Street from I-Beam Design :

The nondescript warehouse on the corner of West 57th street at the entrance to the Henry Hudson Parkway is usually home to the assorted boxes, crates and old furniture you would expect to find in a warehouse. But for the past week it has been home to an entirely different type of inhabitant, a full-scale house built entirely from castaway shipping pallets.

For the past week New York Architect firm I-Beam Design has been building a prototype of their award-winning refugee Pallette House in preparation for its premiere at the Milan Architecture Triennale. The Triennale entitled, A Home For All promotes research into emergency housing in order to collect and compare plans for a different constructive, social and economic model of the home and of communities.

I-Beam’s Palette House is made of wooden shipping palettes. Palettes are versatile, recyclable, sustainable, and easily assembled. Their transportation cost is negligible because they are used to carry shipments of clothing, food, and medical supplies to disaster areas.

Additionally, I-Beam Design is looking for a home for their Pallette house. They are looking to donate the house to any worthy organization looking to exhibit it or use it for humanitarian housing.

The Pallet House Design / Refugee Housing building feature a creative array of built-in furniture (made of shipping pallets, of course) like a dining area, benches and flower boxes. (... see more photos+)

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