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Long Way Home, Guatemala

longwayhome100 | July 07, 2010 |

Enjoy our latest video of the construction at the Tecnico Maya Vocational School in Comalapa, Guatemala. Shown here are volunteers and staff packing rammed earth tires, pouring concrete floors and forming windows. Progress!

Guatemalan vocational school built from tires and bottles part II

longwayhome100 | May 18, 2010

Long Way Home is a small grassroots 501(c)3 non-profit organization working the rural Guatemalan community of San Juan Comalapa. LWH has been working in Comalapa since 2005 doing development projects with partner organizations such as Engineers Without Borders, Chuwi Tinamit, and AIRES. LWH offers a safe place for interns and volunteers to experience Guatemala's rich Mayan culture, learn and develop methods of alternative construction and get involved in a variety of local community projects. Our current project is the Tecnico Maya Vocational School which is built using Rammed-Earth as well as recycled materials, such as tires and bottles. For more information visit us @

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