Monday, November 28, 2011

Vertical Wall Gardening: "Grow up" in a small garden

''How to solve a problem like cats digging and toileting in the vegetable patch'''''', and growing veg in a very small garden. I needed a solution and the answer occurred to me after watching The CheIsea Flower Show on TV and seeing walls of flowers and herbs. The only thing I had to hand was a hanging pocket shoe store and I decided to use it to grow my plants in. I have included the dates I took the photographs to give readers an idea how quickly the veg grew.
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Step 1 Materials needed

- Hanging pocket shoe organiser /store. (comment: buy at the Dollar Store + put plastic cups in them!)
- Pole and attachments ( curtain pole or pipe fittings, screws).
- Strong metal saucepan or utensil hanging hooks
- Compost of a good quality moisture holding type.
- Selection of plants or seeds... e.g. mixed leaf salad, herbs,sorrel, peas, mini tomatoes.
- Piece of wood 2"x2" as long as the width of the pocket store to keep the base of pockets away from the wall.
- Trough planter to catch drips.


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Uses Wooly Pockets on a wall: (very expensive but a good idea)

and Green Living Technologies:

$2000 Available for Green Living Wall Garden_MEWU (Mobile Edible Wall)

Friday, November 18th, 2011 - 8:21 am.

George Irwin, CEO

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The School Garden Grant Program is a collaboration between Whole Kids Foundation, Whole Foods Market and FoodCorps. Thanks to the generosity of Whole Foods Market customers, Whole Kids Foundation is able to provide grants of $2,000 to support school garden projects in the US, UK and Canada.
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