Monday, March 19, 2012

One-Sheet Plywood Boat - Tiny Yellow House


This looks fantastic, and I can't wait to try it out!

My comment on YouTube:

Fabulous! You give us hope for the world... LOL but true! Can't wait to build this boat and try it out at Lake Atitlan, where I live in Central America, and people commute to work across the lake every day. Loved the glass bottom in the boat. Really great touch, and the removable seat for when it rains! You apparently have thougt of everything!

Another Useful Comment:

Not to rain on your parade. If you want a real bonding flexible boat building agent, go to West Marine and buy the West System epoxy resin. Last longer cure faster and MUCH STRONGER. Also can be used for every step from structure to finish (paint etc.).

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Catherine Todd said...

People could try this out here at Lake Atitlan. Seems like it really works and the glass window in the bottom is really great. The boat looks a lot like the ones in use right now on the lake, although I don't think they are made out of plywood.