Monday, June 4, 2012

Floating Body Stabilizer

Minwoo Kim has left a new comment on your post "Solar-Powered Floating Island":

Solar Floating Resort is good. Do you solve the shaking problems? As you see, you have to reduce the Rolling and Pitch. Because, the shaking makes many kinds of problems in the floating resort! New Floating Body Stabilizer has been created in South Korea. I'm sure that you need this Idea. The Floating Body Stabilizers generate drag force immediately when Solar Floating Resort is being rolled and pitched on the water. Recently, this Floating Body Stabilizers have been used to reduce the Vibration of Floating Solar Panels in South Korea. You can see the Floating Body Stabilizer in YouTube.

Floating Body Stabilizer: Houseboat, Don't Be Afraid Of The Shaking! 


Floating Body Stabilizers for Solar Power

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