Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Patio

Who did this, and where?


Reply from Sue:

FAV'S...Re: Mosaics [Re: Catherine!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Patio. adobe, cob?
Sunday March 24, 2009 4:35 AM (4 hours ago)

Here's the website and story of that patio, she used to have a mosaic studio, (its in New Zealand) sold the business end, and put in a cafe!

here's a couple pics of it...

couple more...

Couple more good ones...

It could be made from cob but it may not last a long as cement, but think if the cob was covered with a layer of cement before the mosaic and had a cement or rock base to keep water from creeping up from the bottom it would last quite awhile...Could definitely do more with cob, cost wise.. I flipped when I found this patio, best I've seen yet. I do have some other inspiration I am attaching... I see you were able to bring up (open) that last word doc I sent, so am sending this in the word format also..

Catherine wrote to Sue: "Here's a mosaic website with a bunch of interesting links... and I like your mosaics better!""

Hey there was a few in here I hadn't seen, thank you!! Believe me I have spent many many weeks and hours researching lots of Mosaics, I especially love the large dimensional ones! I have probably over half the Megabits of my computer eaten up with tons of files of mosaic pictures. I'm talking tons of pics... I have them categorized by stuff like fish, birds, cats, dogs, chickens, murals, furniture, benches, cool ideas, lizards & snakes, cowboy, beach scenes, animals, flowers, garden art, guitars, etc ...48 folders so far and still trying to get them organized. all filled, some up to 16 MB each!! I get so excited and want to do so many of them! ha ha

Hope I can stay for at least a month when I come down, it will be this year, don't know if it will be with Trek Study or just coming down when Astrid is going down in Dec. So be sure to start a BIG collection of pottery/dishes/cups and tiles. Try to sit them on some wood or someway -so they won't get buried in the dirt/sand during the rainy season. Rocks too...separate colors of everything the best you can... We'll do SOMETHING! Cob takes more than a month (several depending on the weather) to dry before you can put cement on it, so we'll have to figure out something unless you can get some kids/friends/hire someone to get a bench or something started so it will be dry...

Later! [Sue Pearson]

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