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Habinet: Architecture + Shipping Containers

Habitainer project begins as a synthesis of concepts developed during the lasts years at architecture school. It involves a very simple but rotund point of view: Many of our habitation manners are indeed temporary activities, thus we must pay special attention to this happenings around us in order to be able to act.

Luis Rodríguez Alonso acts as a coordinator in different spontaneous works that happen towards the basic idea. In order to give shape to the initiative it is decided to study separately but simultaneously three main aspects: Construction, Energy and Mobility. These are the basic research lines developed, joined together for each specific project.

First theoretical works can be found at Mo.vida, dated October 2003. It is mainly the basic concepts of our philosophy explained by words. In this project Valle Piñero Ortiz, Carlos Santos Iillana, Elena Vigil Alonso and others do collaborate.

Habitainer concepts are developed by Danish architect Trine Skammelsen and Sune Henriksen in Dreaming Habitainer, a document that would achieve a special mention during Copenhagen X competition, in September 2004.

Designing over container high mobility units has developed a couple interesting projects such as HBTU Technological classroom , by Valle Piñero Ortiz and the HBTU Cad interface, by Luis Rodríguez Alonso

From December 2004 the document Habitainer: Temporary occupation system describes and analyzes the objectives in a long term basis regarding our project, and settles a develop framework to be completed.

Related to particular land owners is the project for modular individual housing developed by Javier Presa and Luis Rodríguez.

In September 2005 Javier Presa Bosch and Luis Rodríguez Alonso become founders of Habitainer S.L. (CIF: B35870534), a Spanish company that distributes habitation systems and develops temporary occupation projects. November 2005


Habinet: Architecture + Shipping Containers - Unidad de Salud Transportable - Diego García

Welcome to Habinet: Architecture + Shipping Containers
Unidad de Salud Transportable - Diego García PDF

Projects - Externos

Interesante proyecto de Diego García -Proyecto Final en la Universidad Diego Portales de Chile- en el cual se presenta una "Unidad de Salud Transportable" realizada a partir de las medidas estandard de un contenedor de 40 pies. Con petacas extensibles y una gran variedad de modelos queda reflejada la flexibilidad que aporta esta capacidad de ampliación así como la elegante disposición de accesos y pasarelas.

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