Sunday, September 11, 2011

How to Build a Solar Bottle Bulb 2.0 ( Updated English Version)

UPDATED, DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS. At long last! I hope this is the latest version... many versions on YouTube.

Uploaded by MrIllacdiaz on Sep 3, 2011 [Mr Illac Diaz]

Thanks to Marco Bieman from Bieman Production Haus Inc. Video Directing and Editing
63-02-5029766 &
Joy Aquino for Visual Directing. Amazing WORK !

1) Always scratch the sides of the bottle to create better grip to the sealant. The top part where the bottle meets the metal is the leak point in the build so use industrial strength sealant (epoxy or DOW Corning 791) on the top and bottom if possible.

2) Always put a protective cover over the bottle cap as the suns rays tend to make the original bottle cap brittle and a crack in the bottle cap will allow the water in the bottle to leak during evaporation.

3) Always RIVET the metal sheet holder on to the roof.

4) DON't USE THIN METAL ROOFING SHEETS. there will be no bite on the plastic bottle and the different expansion rates will cause leaks later on. Go for thicker roof sheet.

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