Thursday, September 15, 2011

Plastic soda bottles become light source

Another detailed video making Solar Bottle Bulbs:

YouTube comment: "I've seen other versions of this, but this one explains the refractive effect and why that makes a difference." - TheAuntieBa

"Isang Litrong Liwanag" campaign headed by philanthropist Illiac Diaz turns plastic soda bottles into nifty light bulbs in small homes, which absorbs sunlight and spreads it out inside a house.

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The water and sunlight uses LIGHT REFRACTION to produce more light than a simple hole in the roof would.


And yet another video on Solar Bottle Bulbs. This one explaining refraction (in Philipino?): News to Go - Solar bulbs light up Laguna community 3/11/11

"In "Serbisyo on the Go," Kara David visits a community in Laguna where residents are having a hard time paying their electricity bills. To keep power costs down, social entrepreneur Illac Diaz and the Rotary club taught residents how to make "solar light bulbs" using plastic soda bottles, water, and bleach."


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