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Bottle Schools by Hug It

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Welcome to the Bottle School Wiki!
Please, Read This First for information on how to use this Wiki, and how to provide feedback.
Please contact us if you require a PDF version of the Bottle School Manual.
Please email if you have any questions or if you need any help.


  1. What are bottle schools?
  2. How we started building bottle schools
  3. The purpose of this manual
  4. Why build a bottle school?
  5. Why NOT to build a bottle school
  6. What do bottle schools cost?
  7. Why has the cost of bottle schools increased?

Selecting a site

  1. Community
  2. Participation
  3. Things to consider
  4. Finding a site
  5. Collecting bottles
  6. Environmental education
  7. Skilled & Unskilled Labor

Construction Steps: 1 - 22

This is to serve as a general guide to the execution of bottle school construction. This manual is not designed to teach you how to build a bottle school single-handed. Your job will be to bring many people together with different roles and skills to make the project work well. We're not expecting you to know how to mix cement or tie rebar, but a good understanding of the basic principles will make you a better facilitator. All specs can be found in the plans.
  1. Bottles – collection & collaboration
  2. Bottle Size Variation Chart
  3. Making “eco-bricks”
  4. Clear and level land
  5. Foundation
  6. Pins
  7. Columns and Beams
  8. Lower Beams
  9. Columns
  10. Columns and beams
  11. Columns & Beams for Doors
  12. Diagrams for Columns & Beams
  13. Floor Beam
  14. Intermediate and top beam
  15. Roof
  16. Chicken Wire 1
  17. Chicken Wire 2
  18. Placing Bottles in the Wall
  19. Plaster
  20. Floor
  21. Doors & Windows
  22. Finishes
Download Architectural Plans to help you. You may need to modify these to fit your particular design requirements.

Finishing touches

  1. Decoration
  2. Inauguration
  3. Bringing volunteers

The next steps: how YOU can empower a community to build a bottle school

  1. Getting started
  2. Project Requirements
  3. Project Timeline


  1. Completed bottle schools
  2. File:Bottle Schools Application
  3. About Hug It Forward
  4. How to get in touch
  5. Bottle Schools in the media
  6. Environmental Education Materials

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Catherine Todd said...

(See email):

You can download a PDF of the Bottle School Manual by clicking on the following link:

Please bear in mind that this is very much a "work in progress", not ready for public distribution, and there will be inevitably be some mistakes and some gaps. That disclaimer aside, I hope that this draft gives you a picture of what we are working towards with this Manual as we continually work on it and let it evolve :)

I have also included further Appendices that are not included in this version of the Manual:

* Bottle School Manual Architectural Drawings (several versions)
* Sample Environmental Education Materials
* Making Bottle Recycle Bins (created by Laura Kutner - see

We anticipate that a more complete version of the Bottle School Manual, incorporating these Appendices and more thoroughly checked and updated, will be ready for distribution this summer.

Thank you so much for your support! Please let us know if you have any questions about bottle schools or Hug It Forward or anything else!

Warm regards


Heenal Rajani
Tel: +502 4283 5042 (Guatemala) ~ Skype: heenalr