Sunday, April 22, 2012

Portable Solar Water Heater DIY a Green Gold


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I never thought I shall bump into this. This miniature DIY solar water heater is the Green Gold, but innovation for simplicity should never end. You must try it at home and reinvent the energy bills to protect the GREEN and mother earth.

This DIY solar water is made with very basic materials one gets everywhere. Here we have used a simple container used for carrying goods at construction site as a main heat absorbing element along with few more items like, a roll of clear level pipe, a small plastic jar/bucket of around five liter and Styrofoam ice box for insulated container.

I am sure green enthusiast shall take this DIY across the globe and help reduce deforestation and conserve the precious resource for future generations too... We do need to care NATURE a LOT MORE DO NOT YOU THINK SO.. !!! ???

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and also at CNN:, We submitted it there as "Your Green Innovation".

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pvc windows said...

Hang the bag somewhere to get full sunlight during the day time which would get displayed by the thermometer. When the water gets warm or hot you will come to know and then put a bucket under the nozzle and get the water by turning on tap.