Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Gazebo in Panama, by Ojo de Agua blog

Note: these people make me wish I lived in Panama! Maybe we could hire them to come work here and show us how it's done! Their projects are just terrific. Take a look at their website and blog. So inspiring! This is reposted, as are a number of other inspiring projects they've done.

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Ojo de Agua Gazebo on Parcel 2

charlie on 09 Aug 2012

He’s done it again.  Gordy busted out another project almost single-handily.  We have a new gazebo on parcel 2.  It still needs some love to make it comfortable, hammocks, a bench, maybe an ice box.  But its already a nice addition to the land.

On the first morning after we returned from the previous days work we had a mouse in one of the post holes.  It was fun trying to get him out with out hurting him.  He escaped with out injury.

The gazebo is a great place to get out of the rain or sun while working up on the mountain.  I look forward to camping a night up there during the dry season.

... more: http://ojodeaguapanama.com/blog/1549/ojo-de-agua-gazebo/


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