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Guedelon, a Castle in the Making

GuédelonD 95589520 Treigny - France   (two hours south of Paris)Tél : 33 3 86 45 66

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Deep in secluded woodland, an abandoned quarry reveals a landscape seemingly untouched since the dawn of the last millennium. Out of this wood and stone, using 13th century building techniques, a castle is being created.


Guédelon film "La Voûte" awarded Silver Dolphin at 2012 Cannes Corporate Media Awards.

Built during the site’s 13th and 14th seasons, the construction secrets of the vault in Guédelon Castle’s lord’s chamber are revealed in this unique document.

This film approaches architecture from an entirely new angle and plunges, along with the craftsmen, into the magic of this fascinating and inspiring construction site.

This film won a "Silver Dolphin" at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards in October 2012.

Directed by Benoît Millot 

Length 33mins

The DVD "The Vault" is available from our giftshop or from our online store.

Price: €10

To purchase the DVD please go to our online store:

L'histoire de la construction de la plus grande des voûtes de Guédelon. Ce DVD a obtenu le "Dauphin d'argent" au Festival du Film d'Entreprises de Cannes, 2012.   = The history of the construction of the largest vaults Guédelon. This DVD has won the "Silver Dolphin" at the Cannes Film Festival, 2012.

I was able to RENT THE FILM ONLINE for only $3.00 via PayPal!

Rent movie "Guedelon, LA VOÛTE," a film Un film by Benoît Millot
© goodideas 2012:

I found the film on Vimeo by entering the full name including "Guedelon, LA VOÛTE." Only $3.00 to rent the short 32 minute film for one week. Then I want to buy the DVD too. 

And most of all VISIT there and see it in person! This would make my life's work complete, once I have re-created it in at lovely Lake Atitlan. It's possible, I am sure. I will do this one day!

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chantier médiéval
de guédelon

d955 89520 treigny
tél. 03 86 45 66 66

Bâtie au cours des 13ème et 14éme saisons du chantier, la voûte de la tour maîtresse du château de Guédelon révèle ses secrets de fabrication à travers ce document unique.
Ce film nous permet de porter un autre regard sur l’architecture et de plonger, avec les oeuvriers, dans la magie de ce chantier médiéval à la fois fascinant et inspirant.
Un film de Benoît Millot
© goodideas 2012 - all rights reserved.
Durée : 33 minutes
Langue : Français
Format : HD 1080
"On frémit au moment du décoffrage" - recommandé par Télérama
Récompense : Dauphin d'argent - Cannes Media & TV awards 2012
Sélection SCAM Tendance 2012
Deauville Green Festival 2013 - Prix spécial, Meilleure musique.

= Built during the 13th and 14th seasons of the site, the roof of the mistress of the castle of Guédelon turn reveals its secrets through this unique document. 
This film allows us to take another look at the architecture and dive with the oeuvriers in the magic of this medieval site both fascinating and inspiring. 
A film by Benoît Millot 
GoodIdeas © 2012 - all rights reserved. 
Duration: 33 minutes 
Language: French 
Format: HD 1080 
"One shudders at the time of stripping" - recommended by Télérama 
Reward: Silver Dolphin - Cannes Media & TV Awards 2012 
SCAM selection Trend 2012 
Deauville Green Festival 2013 - Special Award, Best Music. 


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Is this another film available on Vimeo:


An Introduction to the Adventure of Guedelon

© F. Folcher - Guédelon
© F. Folcher - Guédelon

In the heart of Puisaye, in Yonne, Burgundy, a team of fifty people have taken on an extraordinary feat: to build a castle using the same techniques and materials used in the Middle Ages.

The wood, stone, earth, sand and clay needed for the castle's construction are all to be found here, in this abandoned quarry. Watched by thousands of visitors, all the trades associated with castle-building - quarrymen, stonemasons, woodcutters, carpenters, blacksmiths, tile makers, basket makers, rope makers, carters and their horses - are all working together to complete the castle.

© F. Folcher - Guédelon
© F. Folcher - Guédelon
Work on the site began in 1997 and is scheduled to take 25 years to complete.

Guédelon offers a unique opportunity to witness all the various different phases of a castle's construction.

Let yourself be transported from the present day, back to the sights and sounds of a 13th-century construction site.

Guédelon offers something for everyone: archaeologists, historians, teachers, students and families.

      Don't miss your chance to see history in the making!


Film de CHANET Marcel
Guédelon est un chantier scientifique, historique, pédagogique, touristique et humain.
*3ème prix concours CINEVIF IDF 2011
-Chantier Médiéval
de Guédelon
D955 89520 TREIGNY

= Film Marcel Chanet 
Guédelon site is a scientific, historical, educational, tourism and human. 
* 3rd prize contest CINEVIF IDF 2011 

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