Wednesday, May 28, 2014

LA VOÛTE! ("The Vault") Medieval Construction

Fwd: Thanks for ordering LA VOÛTE! ("The Vault") Medieval Construction

Dear Robert, 

I don't know if you like Medieval and Renaissance construction, but I have every book known to man about it and I am determined to build something similar as soon as I get the money. Even if I have to go back to France to do it, since I can't find anyone in Guatemala who knows how to build this way. I'd like to build with adobe in Guatemala, but stone in Europe. 

I have always wanted to return to my beloved France, so now might be the time to do it. If I can sell some property in Pana I'll be on the next plane "home."

Here's a great video that shows modern day people working in the old ways at a wonderful place called Guedelon where they are re-creating a Medieval village built only with the hand tools of the day. I am determined to go there in the next year or two, no matter what!

The movie rental is only $3.00 for one week and I am going to order the DVD too (10 pounds). 

Hope all is well with you... Catherine

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