Thursday, December 18, 2008

Madray Steel Patent Info


Building construction
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United States Patent 4551957
A building structure having a plurality of substantially flat connector plate members, each having angularly related channel shaped receptacles to receive a plurality of load bearing girder, stud or rafter members. Each of the girder, stud or rafter members has a single channel shaped member for light constructions or a pair of oppositely directed channel shaped members having their webs secured together in back to back relation, and their flanges extending in opposite directions for use where heavy constructions or loads are involved. The girder, stud or rafter members are adapted to interfit with connector plate members in such a manner that the length of the girder, stud or rafter members can be extended in length by predetermined dimensional increments, such for example as at six inch spacings so as to readily permit the construction framework structures of any desired size. Any desired fasteners may be employed to secure the girder, stud or rafter members and the connector plate members together, such for example as oppositely directed screw threaded fasteners projecting through the connector plate and the girder stud or rafter members in alternately spaced opposite directions to insure a solid locking structure. The building structure is adapted to be mounted on a concrete foundation, wherein a channel shaped member supports the vertically extending load bearing stud members, and the stud members are anchored to the concrete foundation.
Madray, Herbert R. (P.O. Box 712, Okeechobee, FL, 33472)
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Anonymous said...

Metal Garages are far cheaper per square foot than wood. If the material cost comes into play this is certainly the case. It is not hard to prove do the math. Construction time is also so much faster. If material cost is no object then it is up to the individual.

catherine todd said...

Thanks, I agree 100%. Now just to come up with some beautiful designs for residential homes, and we'll be "cooking with gas!"