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Madray Steel & Habitat for Humanity "Green" Home

Madray Steel & Habitat for Humanity team together to build a "Green" Steel Frame Home Able to Beat Hurricanes, Earthquakes Floods & Fires. Steel frame home built by volunteers. The entire frame was done in only 6 hours!!! The frame is hurricane-proof, earthquake-proof, insect-proof and fire-proof!
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Green Home
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Sebring, FL 33870 • USA
863-452-6344 (new 12-08)
Steve Madray:

Ships from Tampa, FL




Residential and commercial steel frame buildings and trusses that stand up to hurricanes and earthquakes. Our system is strong, fast and easy… virtually anyone can learn to build regardless of prior education or language.

Great Buildings start with a great frame.

100% “GREEN”
Madray Steel Inc.

Buildings that fight Hurricanes…and Win!
Green Home Built Fast with Habitat for Humanity
Home Built Fast Beats Hurricane Andrew
Fast Strong Shelter/ Disaster Homes
Home Beats 10.0+ Earthquakes
Madray Optional Footer Track

Whether you are building a hotel or a third world shelter home, we have your solution.

Strong, Fast, Easy
The building system was designed with several important aspects in mind:
The system must be strong enough to withstand hurricanes and earthquakes
The system must be able to be constructed very fast.
The system must be designed so anyone, regardless of language, can easily learn and use the system.

And that is exactly what we did.

Madray Steel has developed and patented the ONLY pre-engineered light gauge steel connector plate system in the United States today, plus holds international patents in many countries.
The ease of assembly drastically reduces construction time and cost, minimizes skilled labor and expensive training programs. The standardization of the UNIVERSAL COMPONENT SYSTEM provides unlimited design capabilities (within U.S. building standards) for homes, schools, churches, hospitals, and other residential and commercial structures.

The steel connector plates are pre-engineered with a hole pattern that corresponds with the repetitive hole pattern on both sides of the structural Cee Channels and track. This method provides the versatility and strength needed to assemble numerous residential and commercial structures as well as various truss lengths and roof pitches, while eliminating unnecessary measuring, squaring, and cutting.
It is that simple… when the holes line up, it goes together and you are assembling it right. If the holes don’t line up, it will not go together and you are not assembling it right. It is a self-correcting system.

Additional Advantages

* Impervious to termites and other wood destroying organisms.
* Hurricane proven up to 230 mph
* Earthquake tested up to 10.7 Richter
* Does not absorb moisture.
* Will not rot, mold or mildew.
* Does not split or warp like wood.
* Non-combustible.
* 50% Lighter than wood.
* Stronger than wood.
* 20 gauge steel.
* Easily assembled.
* Studs are cut to exact lengths needed.
* Galvanized steel can be left outside indefinitely.
* Works with all standard building materials.
* 100% of the studs are straight.
* Recyclable steel saves our natural resources.


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