Saturday, April 25, 2009

Canadian War Memorial in Green Park

Virtual Tourist: Parks and Gardens: Green Park Canadian War Memorial I

This striking monument, dedicated to the 1 million Canadians who served in WWI and II and the 110,000 who lost their lives is situated by Canada Gate and close to Buckingham Palace in Green Park. The gently sloping, dark granite and bronze monument, which forms an arrow pointing from Halifax to London, is washed with a constant flow of water under which hundreds of green maple leaves are inlaid. The monument was created by Pierre Granche in 1992.

Address: Green Park
Directions: Green Park Tube Station

Detail of Canadian War Memorial in Green Park
Photographer: scispaz, London-Edinburgh Trip,
"I like the leaf design mixed with the real fallen leaves", life_imitates_art

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Children use the monument as a water slide at times.

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