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PET Bottle Brick
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Honduras based Eco-Tec came up with a clever idea for reusing PET-bottles: 'a mud-filled bottle is as strong as a brick and whatever you can do with a brick, you can do with a bottle to. Plus it has got lots of advantages to.'

Eco-Tec is founded in 2001 by Andreas Froese Germen and has it's head quarters in Honduras. The company has done more than 50 eco friendly projects in Honduras, Columbia, Bolivia and India.

The company is specialized in making houses and watertanks with land-filled PET-bottles: the PET-bottle brick. The bricks can be assambeld into diverse shapes such as straight and curved walls and elements such as columns. The advantages of the PET-bottle brick, are, according to Eco-Tec:
1. Low cost
2. Non-Brittle - (Unlike bricks)
3.. Absorbs abrupt shock loads - Since they are not brittle,there can take up heavy loads without failure.
4. Bio climatic
5. Re-usable
6. Less construction material
7. Easy to build
8. Green Construction

Some houses come with a living roof. Eco-Tec claims that these roofs tend to insulate the house better than conventional roofs, lowering heating and cooling costs and that they are also cheaper than conventional roofs.

'When wet, the 102 square meter (m2), living roof weigh as much as 30 metric tons. The PET bottle walls can support the weight.' A manual:

Eco-Tec is noticed by the UN for their work in the publication: '60 Lessons Path to Development'.

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