Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Plastic bottle construction for Houses

Searched for: mortar for plastic bottle construction house:

Bottle wall - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A building construction style which usually uses 1l glass bottles (although ... This is used as the mortar to bind the bottles. It is thickly spread on the ... The house is a remake of the Rhyolite Bottle House replicated from photos .... "Building a Plastic Bottle Greenhouse." Blue Rock Station Publishing, 2008 ...

How to Construct Houses with Plastic Bottles !!
Apr 19, 2009 ... Waste bottles for construction? Yes, it is difficult to think of a bottle as a brick. ... house constructed in Honduras using some 8000 PET bottles, in the ... Are you only using dried clay as a mortar? If so, how do you ...

Green Home Building: Recycling Glass Bottles
I have seen other walls with a minimum of mortar and more bottles. .... using the PET bottles in say panel type construction and then covering with a .... As for using plastic bottles to trap air for insulation, this does seems to be a ...

House built with plastic and glass bottles
Jan 14, 2010 ... The dead air space in the plastic bottles makes it great insulation. With the bottles, one uses less mortar and there is no need for ...

Building with Bottles | greenopolis recycling rewards
Aug 4, 2010 ... Bottle Wall Construction uses glass bottles mortared together with adobe, sand, cement, stucco, clay, plaster, mortar or any other compound to join them for ... One last bottle house deserves mention, if only because it uses plastic ... In 2008, Jay and Annie Warmke built a plastic bottle greenhouse ...

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