Saturday, July 28, 2012

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ISBU (Intermodal Steel Building Units)
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About Me... (Intermodal Steel Building Units)

I have always been interested in cookie cutter designs

I live in Houston, TX and started getting interested in ISBU ever since I saw that this may be my ticket to building a property in a flood prone area without having to build on traditional wooden stilts.

As you will see from most of the sketches I have made, they are all at least one story off of the ground. This would allow for a clearance of 8.5' before any flood waters would enter the main living areas. I still have a lot to learn about the physical construction of these units that is why I am going to try and post as many pictures as possible that I can find of actual ISBUs being created and fabricated.

I have called around several places here in Houston and the running average price of a 40' Container is around $2300.00 plus a $200.00 delivery charge to the work site. At $2500 a piece I can quickly guage how much the raw containers will cost for each one of the sketches I draw.

 I have now been exclusively looking to use only 53' Jindo containers in my designs as the extra 13' allows for a stronger overall structure and quite a bit of extra sq. footage for only a couple hundred dollars more per container.

Please feel free to email me at with any feedback you may have. I may be open to posting user's sketches as well if they should want to try their hand at Google Sketchup with a design of their own they would like to share with others.

Also, if you have some raw contruction pics you wouldn't mind sharing I would be more than happy to post them online so others can learn as I do about what it takes to build these ISBUs out to finished "live-in" ready condition...

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