Friday, July 20, 2012

McElroy Metal Roofs with Solar Panels


McElroy Metal Solar Solutions combine metal roofing with crystalline and thin-film solar technologies. The end-result is a functional and environmentally friendly roof system that generates renewable, clean, green energy.


The use of metal roofing is rapidly expanding in construction due to its many green attributes. Metal roofing by McElroy Metal…
  • Contains a high recycled content.
  • Can be recycled after its service life- typically decades after installation.
  • Is highly reflective and is Energy Star rated, resulting in lower utility bills.
  • Is an excellent host substrate for crystalline and thin-film solar panel systems.

Kyocera® Crystalline Panels

Kyocera panels are manufactured with highly efficient crystalline silicon. Panels are attached to McElroy Metal standing seam products utilizing S-5! clamps. The main advantage of Kyocera solar panels is greater efficiency and power generation. While crystalline panels will add more weight to your building, the panels will generate twice as much electricity per square foot compared to thin film technology. When you want to get as much power as possible, the Kyocera panels are your best choice.

Uni-Solar® Thin Film Panels

Uni-Solar panels are applied directly to select McElroy Metal standing seam products, such as Medallion-Lok. Because the solar panels are attached directly to the roofing material, this technology is referred to as Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV). Some of the advantages of Uni-Solar panels include light weight, aesthetics, and the ability to generate power under cloudy conditions. Uni-Solar panels can be factory or job-site applied.