Friday, July 27, 2012

Curving Profile by i profili, for curved walls

“CURVING PROFILE”: the best solution for curved walls.
Thanks to extensive research on the topic of working with curved surfaces made of plasterboard and other coating materials, I PROFILI has patented a revolutionary profile: the Curving Profile (patent no. 01288010).
  • Thanks to its innovative shape memory structure, resilience and strength it is easy to bend and position and can be used freely by both professionals and amateurs.
  • Curving Profile is ideal for curved walls, curved ceilings, arches, and sloping walls.
  • Vertical C-shaped profiles can be slid in without difficulty.
  • The plates can be fixed easily and securely because screws can be screwed in at any point thanks to the original continuous structure of the product.
  • The product can be fixed at various angles.
  • It only takes one person to position and install the product.
Please watch the video for instructions on installing a curved wall using Curving Profile.

Or YouTube:

Curving Profile showreel, international patent by i profili (

Showreel showing how to install a curved wall with an arch inside. Thanks to Curving profile now the installation becomes quick and easy, even if there is only one person doing the installation. visit us at

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