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The Art of Making Biomass Briquettes

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Energy Links - Biomass Briquettes: Theres an art to making biomass briquettes, the low-cost environmentally friendly, cooking-fuel alternative to traditional charcoal and firewood. Here a Ugandan community member uses a mold and Mini-Bryant press to shape and drain the briquettes, one of the final steps of the process. Learn more about making briquettes at

This video was taken during an Energy Links pilot project in Uganda in March 2009. The Center for Financial Inclusion's ( Energy Links project a new pilot program in Uganda aims to bring renewable energy to microfinance clients, contribute to reducing greenhouse-gas emissions and give MFIs a viable business-in-a-box.





Legacy Foundation provides training, technology and media services for biomass fuel briquette production, environmental conservation and income generation throughout the world.

The Mission of the Legacy Foundation is to promote sustainable human development and preserve our environment through the integration of technology innovation, media, and management. The Legacy Foundation has ongoing partnerships with individuals, groups and institutions in over 30 nations world wide.

See many hard copy or downloadable Technical & Training Manuals:
Briquette Making: A Users Manual (Hard Copy) 
Briquette Making: A Users Manul $35 

SPECIAL: Full set of four manuals (CD)
Fuel Briquette Press Kit: A Construction Manual, Briquette Making: A Users Manual, Fuel Briquettes: A Trainer's Manual, and Fuel Briquettes: The Theory and Applications From Around the World.

TMC-1™ Operations Manual
The TMC frees up that labor to effectively increase production output by up to 50% while greatly reducing the drudgery of the overall effort.

Individual price: $35.00

YouTube Video on how to make briquettes:

ECO Fuels, Biomass fuel briquette production, environmental conservation & income generation for sustainable development.

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