Thursday, December 22, 2011

See Saw Pump ~ children pump water

JOY PUMP ……See Saw Pump

Joy pump is an innovative concept of pumping water from a bore well, a sump or a rain water collector tank. It uses playful energy of the children or the operators collectively to pump water. The Joy pump can draw water from a well and further lift it to an over head tank above the ground level for storage and distribution. It does not require electric power. It is an eco-friendly, child friendly pump.

See Saw Pump
Joy Pump

  1. Suitable for use on 100mm and above diameter bore well, sump or rainwater collector tank.
  2. Can lift water up to 8m above ground for storage and distribution.
  3. On line water purification devices can be used with either pumping or distribution system.
  4. Easy to install and safe to use.
  5. Low operation and maintenance cost.
  6. Can be adopted with below ground assembly of any deep well hand pump.
  7. Convenient for use in remote areas.

Technical Details

Construction Details Fabricated Mild steel
Wing span 3 m
Play mechanism Seesaw
Capacity 8-16 children
Ideal speed 40 strokes per minute
Out put 1500-2000 Liters per hour
Space requirement 6m x 1.5 m minimum
Operating depth Up to 80 m depth
Cylinder Direct action reciprocating cylinder Of any deep well hand pump
Deliver head 8 m
Weight 600 kgs.
Riser pipes As per user requirement

The Joy pump can be used for water supply in
  1. Schools, for drinking, sanitation and personal hygiene
  2. Institutions for drinking and sanitation
  3. Public garden, drinking, sanitation and watering plants
  4. Community centers for drinking and sanitation
  5. Small communities for drinking
  6. Relief camps for drinking.

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