Saturday, December 17, 2011

Japanese Sit Tub & Magnesium

The world is made by artists... 
(See "before and after" photos below).
In the absence of hot springs or hot volcanic water,
the Japanese "have it going on!"

Twenty minutes in a warm Epsom Salts bath
and "all the pain goes away."
No pills required. Magnesium is Magic.

Stylish Japanese Sit Bath Tub by Victoria and Albert Photo Gallery
Stylish Japanese Sit Bath Tub 2Stylish Japanese Sit Bath Tub 3Stylish-Japanese-Sit-Bath-Tub

Japanese Sit Tub

Wow! Some of these are really nice, and I think they can be hand-painted with acrylic paints.
I am going to make some for sale here in Panajachel,
as bathtubs in Guatemala are few and far between, and expensive.
We could do the solar hot water heater with the 55 gal. drum -
same thing as a rain barrel, almost, or maybe use this actual TUB as the water container.
Put a lid on it and keep it outside, with an arbor with flowering vines above and around.
We could sell the whole thing, kit-and-kaboodle.
I might be able to do this on the roof of my new workspace (former restaurant).


A modern sit tub based on the traditional Japanese ofuro that offers a refreshingly different experience - side by side shared bathing.
Available at:
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Japanese ofuros

Japanese ofuro's. In Japan, no daily ritual is more uniquely important to the individual's well being than the bath at the end of the day. The ofuro has been used ...

Read more with this excellent article from Roberts Hot Tubs:
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Outdoors with beautiful garden houses, trellis, flowers and more,
along with the solar hot water system - no panels, just black plastic pipe and a 55 gal drum.
This will be a great, inexpensive project for 2012!

build a small japanese bath. images.png

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