briquettes How to Make Charcoal Briquettes from Agricultural ResiduesThe process of making charcoal briquettes from agricultural waste is not new. Many institutions have experimented on different agricultural residues to find out which raw materials are possible for charcoal making. They encourage the use of dry organic material (also called biomass) that is unsuitable for animal or human consumption, or for composting such as sugar cane bagasse, palm leaves or bamboo, coconut shells and husks, straw and reeds, corn cobs and other farm crop wastes.

Agricultural residues from harvested crops, using biomass charcoal briquetting techniques, can be converted from piles of waste into useful and enviro-friendly briquettes. It can be sold to generate additional income for the family.

How to Make Charcoal Briquettes? Below is the process from India Development GatewayBiomass Charcoal Briquetting. Use this method on how to make charcoal briquettes, and produce your own homemade ones.