Wednesday, May 15, 2013

360 SQUARE FOOT Experimental Dwelling, by Revelations Architects


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The Experimental Dwelling for a Greener Environment, better known as “E.D.G.E.” by Revelations Architects has been a showstopping design that also focuses on being green and environmentally sustainable. Featured as a modular space that’s either your full time home or a vacation getaway, the E.D.G.E. is looking to transform home design everywhere.
Not only is the design on this home gorgeous and everything compact and well placed, rainwater harvesting, solar heat and top of the line insulation is utilized to gain the most of this tiny home. Kitchen and bathrooms are prefab pieces, while the other spaces are modular and interwoven to the other defined elements. Glass walls help to connect the various rooms, and a loft bedroom is typical of these gorgeous constructed pieces.
Concise 360 Square Foot Experimental Green Dwelling (11)

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