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SBE Builders, Sim Ayers: Roof Framing Geometry Alhambra Granada Ad Quadrat

Google Search for "Sim Ayers". I can't wait until I can afford for him to build our chapel here in Guatemala. Spanish Colonial architecture and Medieval all mixed as one.

SBE Builders. Roof Framing Geometry Alhambra Granada Ad Quadrat.png

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Alhambra Granada Ad Quadratum Ground Plan

Connecting the eight points of intersection of the circle and the sides of the square form an octagon. 

Roof over the Hall of  Abencerrajes @ Alhambra. source: SBE Builders, Sim Ayers

Interior view of the Hall of  Abencerrajes @ Alhambra.  source: SBE Builders, Sim Ayers


 Just about every medieval cathedral has an octagonal baptismal and the Alhambra in Granada Spain has several octagonal ground plans. The roof over the Hall of the Abencerrajes is unique because the roof actually follows the Ad Quadratum ground plan that is used to develop the octagonal ground plan. Squares rotated in the circle.

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 source: SBE Builders, Sim Ayers

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