Sunday, May 26, 2013

How to Apply a Perfect Silicone Bead of Caulk

Does silicone caulk fit with Spanish Colonial monasteries and cloisters?

I guess so, since I will have a modern bathtub. I've always wanted to know how to install a decent clean bead of caulk or silicone, and here's how! Use foaming spray window cleaner (without ammonia in it) and your finger! See more. One commentator said just use any kind of "liquid" and I've heard of using alcohol, too, wiping with a paper towel soaked in alcohol. Soak the paper towels in a shallow dish with alcohol and use as needed. I'll try the glass cleaner tip first, shown below.

Thanks to the wonderful guy from Corvus Construction who posted this online. If he lived near me, I'd hire him all the time! The brand he uses is Sprayway foam glass cleaner, without alcohol.

Excerpt from the video notes:

"The trick I'm sharing in this video I've picked up many years ago from my shower glass installers. Right after application of the silicone sealant, spray over the fresh bead with an Ammonia-free foaming glass cleaner, and then finger the excess silicone away constantly wiping your tool (or finger) on a clean paper towel. After the tooling of the silicone is complete just let the leftover glass cleaner over-spray dry (don't try to wipe it off) and you have a perfect silicone bead."


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    Then we have another caulking system shown on YouTube, the "corner-tape method" with small, innovative tools for caulk and grout remover. Looks very handy!

    CornerTape System - Perfect silicone everytime

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