Saturday, November 1, 2008 ~ Green Architecture

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Returning to Our Roots: Scientists Claim They Will Grow Tree-Homes in a Decade
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- 39 days ago -
Humans may one day be returning to the forests to live in ecological homes grown from tree roots.
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Turning House Roofs Into Solar Collectors
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- 46 days ago -
A US company has created a metal roof system that generates up to 120 kilowatts of electricity from sunlight while protecting the buildings from bad weather. They can withstand over 160 mph winds. Noted in Doomwatch Legacy by Sunstroke author David Kagan.
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The Greenest Home in the World
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- 49 days ago -
Two green pioneers attempt to build the greenest house possible-- See the video!

Building An Eco-House
Green Lifestyle (tags: architecture, green home, sustainable )

- 164 days ago -
Lars Hundley of Clean Air Gardening and architect Bryan Welty decided to collaborate on designing an entirely eco friendly, energy-efficient home. Now, they're offering 5 construction plan sets (blueprints) with floor plans, exterior elevations ...


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