Monday, November 24, 2008

Green Home Building and Sustainable Architecture

Note: Great blog, with lots of alternative and sustainable building ideas. Mentions earth bags and Guatemalans building with stablized adobe. Excerpt:

Blog by Kelly Hart, Crestone, Colorado, United States

Sustainable architecture is an exciting and important field, with many people reviving traditional methods of building and others creating innovations to established practices. Kelly Hart, webmaster of the popular website, posts text and photos featuring what he discovers from around the world.

Kelly Hart has been involved with green building concepts for much of his life. He has also worked in various fields of communication media, including still photography, cinematography, animation, video production and now website development. Kelly has lived in an earthbag/papercrete home that he built (but is now mostly living in Mexico) and consults about sustainable building design.

Visit my green home building site and ecological house plans site.

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