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Why Build a Small House - Bungalow In a

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Why Build a Small House

Weathertight, Panel-Frame Structures

Living in a small house helps its owners prioritize their needs when the time comes to expand. They design the perfect timber frame addition which nearly doubles the living space to add an adaptable guest room, workshop, and indoor shower.

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We build the shell weathertight so you can relax and take your time on the interior finish.

Our component kits make durable cottage-camps, garages, home offices and studios. Our unique framing technique joins low-maintenance, natural materials to create beautiful structures that last. Prefabricated interlocking, exterior-finish panels assemble quickly with minimal on-site waste.

A BungalowInABox goes up on your foundation with a finished exterior appearance in in one or two days. (Impress your friends and neighbors.)

Call (207) 443-5691 and let us impress you today.


4-minute video: Snowy bungalow raising.

Mountain-Top Photos: Unfinished Retreat.

Studio Photos: Finished Office near house.

A slideshow of Montsweag Bungalows


Choose your own color combinations.
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