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Two part folding 8 foot hexayurt in eindhoven

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Added: March 19, 2008
Two part folding 8 foot hexayurt in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

This is a folding hexayurt prototype being assembled at the Technical University of Eindhoven in spring 2008. It is being assembled as part of the Red Cross sponsored researching going on at TUE. You can see it takes less than ten minutes to assemble from start to finish.

The production hexayurt has a higher wall so people can stand at any point in the building, and several additional design features.


The Hexayurt is a prize-winning shelter you can build yourself for about $200 (backup link). Suitable raw materials include common building materials ( fire safe insulation boards,) hexacomb cardboard and plastic. You cut six 4' x 8' panels in half diagonally to make the roof, and use six more whole panels to form the walls. It takes about two hours. The design (backup link) is in the public domain.

Different materials are appropriate for different uses - insulation, extended life, low cost, durability in extreme environments and so on. The design is in the public domain, and is in active development as a Free/Open Source style project.

The Hexayurt Project also includes groundbreaking work (pdf) (backup link) on providing simple services like interior lighting at incredibly low cost.

Important safety notice. Please read the Hexayurt Safety Information page on Appropedia for news on using Tuff-R / R-Max to make Hexayurts for Burning Man and similar events. (more)

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