Saturday, November 1, 2008

EcoBusiness Links Environmental Directory

Comprehensive database (growing all the time):

EcoBusiness Links Environmental Directory
Online house plans for sustainable construction. Key ingredients: passive solar, small, energy efficiency, sustainable materials. House types: earthship, straw bale, earth sheltered, geodesic dome, rammed earth, solar, monolithic dome,...
If you know of pages with sustainable house plans, please do send the url, thanks!

Eco House Plans (Various styles)
Wise Home Design The most affordable house plans you’ll find anywhere. You'll get a custom house design with the most energy efficient construction methods, and friendly, professional service.
Dream Green Home Plans Dream Green Homes is your complete source for alternative, sustainable, green or natural home plans.
LX & R Design
New Mexico LX&R Design does not build homes. LX&R Design specializes in the design of Custom Passive-Solar Adobe, Strawbale and Hybrid (Adobe /Strawbale) homes. LX&R Design utilizes state-of-the-art design tools.
Architectural House Plans Solar home plans, strawbale home plans, adobe house plans, small home plans
Earthship House Plans
High Thermal Mass Floorplan A high thermal house allows for proper storage of heat or cooling and is very appropiate to avoid overheating in solar houses.
Straw Bale House Plans
Passive Solar Straw Bale
Arizona Personal page with house plan, costs, construction pictures, materials used.
BaleWatch Straw bale house plans for sale.
Solar House Plans
OurCoolHouse Showcase site by the owner of this passive solar house that features earth shelter design, geothermal exchange, and energy recycling. Includes plans, documents the construction and explains the efficiency of the design.
SunPlans Our passive solar house plans are inspired by the movement of the sun.
Enertia House Plans Some plans for houses that intend to be energy producers rather than energy users.
North Carolina University Solar House Solar home design, includes plans.

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Anonymous said...

There is a great site that I found online that offers free green home plans. They also offer a bunch of other useful information on green living, such as finding a green builder and information on green products.

You should definitely check them out. (I linked to their website above).