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Harmony, Architecture & Music, by Bob Borson

Reposted from a wonderful blog post on Harmony:

Goethe quote “Architecture is frozen music”. ... It was instilled in me that “Music is the space between notes”

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Response from: Slipslider 6 months ago

Here are two important references helpful in further exploration of this connection between music and architecture.

Frank Lloyd Wright once put it nicely:
"Music and architecture blossom on the same stem — sublimated mathematics. . . Instead of the musician's systematic staff and intervals, the architect has a modular system as the framework of design. My father, a preacher and music teacher, taught me to see — to listen — to a symphony as an edifice of sound."

& then there's Buckminster Fuller's take, taken from his Dymaxion Chronofile, a whole piece linking architecture, frozen music, composing, live music, instruments, instrument-making, and living harmony.. as it's some 8 paragraphs long, I'll include an intro paragraph here and then off-link.
"Architecture in the past has often been spoken of as 'frozen music'. Now the
architectural music is being unfrozen and is ultimately to be freed from its
embodiment exclusively within the physical structure. The music of the emerging
architecture is to be entirely weightless, abstract. It will be the sense of
gratification and inspiration of living freedom and potential initiatives of
the human occupants disembarrassed of their slavery to the production and
maintenance of the buildings and emancipated from exploitation of land,
buildings and occupants as 'money makers' etc. The architectural music will be
the metaphysical regeneration of the spirit to be experienced by the
buildings' users."

full article here:

Bob Borson [Moderator] 6 months ago in reply to Slipslider
Awesome references and article - Thanks for sharing! I had heard the FLW portion before but not the Buckminster Fuller one.

Thanks again for commenting

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