Sunday, August 28, 2011

Two easy solar light projects for $40

Two easy solar light projects for $40: 1. Solar Shed Light and 2. Solar Night Light
Uses for a $40.00 solar floodlight

YouTube. Uploaded by magic76767676 on Nov 10, 2009

Using a $40 solar flood light set, I added lights to the shed. The solar panel contains 3 rechargable AA batteries that last about 3 years. I used a second panel to replace the night lights in my house. The high intensity LED's I bought from Radio shack were too bright. I had to dim them to get a soft moonlight quality. HTSAB50-2

After a month the (outside) cables I made for the house didn't weather very well.  I ended up cutting the cables off the included lights and used them between the panel and the house attic. It's been running perfect. It's been very popular with visitors. In the shed, I just used the lights. Many months later it is still running with no problems.
magic76767676 1 year ago

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