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Search: Solar Water Bottle Bulbs water tubing reflector

A search for Solar Water Bottle Bulbs water tubing reflector brings up lots of info. Can't wait to try this out and take it on as a project at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala!

From Kevin Warnock's blog

On the right, Alfredo Lim, the mayor of Manilla, Philippines, holding a litre of light 'bulb'

The beauty of the Solar Bottle Bulb is that it works and it’s really affordable, at about P150 to P200 (USD $4.66 at today’s exchange rate) per home, installed, according to Alfredo Lim, the mayor of Manilla in the Philippines, pictured above on the right. That 150 to 200 peso cost is per home, not per bulb.

I am going to install these in any eco home I build down the road. I have a big collection of glass bottles to choose from. I’m not sure if glass is as suitable as plastic, but I would prefer to use glass if it can be made to work reliably.

While UV lamp disinfection systems have been widely used to disinfect .... Low cost solar reflectors or cookers can be made from materials as simple and ... The WAPI is placed in the water to be heated with the wax at the top of the tube. ... Bottles made of polyethylene terephthlate (PET) are preferred to those made of ... (more)
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Feb 16, 2010 – Water and light are self-explanatory, but the other two require brief explanations. ... one for use during the vegetative phase (labeled “Grow” on most bottles) and ... Some people choose to air-cool the bulb and reflector hood with inline fans ... The reservoir is usually filled from a tube that begins above the ...

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