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Home made solar water bag pool heater - updated

Uploaded by magic76767676 on Aug 12, 2009

Home made 10' x 3' solar water bag system for heating pools. It's a stackable low cost inflatable solar panel system for heating pools without the need for a permanent structure, permits or home owner association approvals. It steals some of the water from a pool jet, heats in the sun and puts back into the pool. You can make one bag in an evening out of a commonly available heavy black plastic sheet and some common PVC parts that connect to garden hoses and low cost garden hose valves.

And another: Homemade Swimming Pool Solar Heating System, Uploaded by sihutchuk on Jul 30, 2010

The main issue is the use of normal garden hose. I am taking the view that I am heating a pool which is filled with fresh water and will be emptied after the season. The water is circulated through the hose only a limited number of times over the season, is raised in temperature only a few degrees during normal use and is not actively drunk. It is, after all, the same water you use to water your vegetables with.

It is important to use matt black paint to maximise the radiant heat capture. There is a noticeable increase in the pool temperature using these panels and turns swimming in it into a pleasurable experience.

If you slow the flow rate down and fill a bucket with it on a sunny day you'll see just how much heat is being added. It's quite easy to reach temperatures you could bathe or shower in. Each panel is probably the equivalent of a kettle continually heating water all day long - and that would be very expensive!

I run it at a reasonable flow rate so that the temperature at the return is raised to tepid. This reduces stress on the hose. There is no difference between adding a small amount of very hot water or a large amount of tepid water - the result on the mass of the pool water is precisely the same.

If you wanted to make this extendable to heating your domestic water the garden hose could be replaced by potable hosing (suitable for transporting drinkable water) or even copper piping.


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