Tuesday, August 16, 2011

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Bringing Electricity to Rural China
the technology that Reja and her lab are developing through the company’s SolSource project, which builds the solar cookers that will bring light into villages ...
Written by chmiller on February 7, 2011. Published under From The Labs.

Entrepreneurs, Look East
. In India, the Solar Electric Light Company (SELCO) has spent the last 15 years bending the conventional wisdom that cleantech entrepreneurs cannot profitably ...
Written by rbose on November 22, 2010. Published under Analysis.

An MIT in the Middle East?
created during the housing boom. The emirate of Dubai exemplified this wealth, with its opulent man-made islands jutting into the serene turquoise waters ...
Written by Ardavan Oskooi on April 11, 2010. Published under Analysis.

Crisis In Haiti: Lost Limbs Today, Lost Souls Tomorrow
water filters, portable solar cookers and pedal-powered washing machines for use in countries like Ghana and Tibet. D-Lab also has a Developing World ...
Written by Roozbeh Ghaffari on March 1, 2010. Published under From The Classroom.

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